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Frequently asked questions

Great question! Think of it like this: therapy can be excellent for understanding the past and working through deeper issues. Coaching is all about building a future you’re excited about. We’ll focus on goals, actions you can take, and overcoming what’s holding you back right now.

Each session is tailored to you, but it’s always a collaborative space. We’ll dig into what you really want, get super clear on your goals, and create a plan to get there. I’ll ask questions to get you thinking, offer tools, and hold you accountable for taking those next steps.

That depends on your goals! Some people want focused help to land that next promotion. Others like ongoing support as their career evolves. I want to work with you in a way that feels supportive, not rigid. Let’s figure out what makes sense for you.

Fit is everything! That’s why I offer those free consultations. We’ll chat, see if our personalities click, and if I truly understand where you’re coming from. My goal is to be your biggest advocate – you need to feel that.

I wish I could wave a magic wand, but I guarantee commitment on my part! The real results come from the work you put in. We’re a team in this. I’ll provide the guidance, tools, and tough love sometimes – you bring the willingness to step outside your comfort zone. Sound good?

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